Girls Club Scented Candle


The candle has gummy bear, honeysuckle and lotus flower scents that combine to make a beautiful, fun and flirty scent!

Candle Size: 16oz

Candle Color: Turquoise

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 The Nobody’s Bitch Shop partnered with Project Girls Club Member Ashley’s 7Six shop to bring the Gypsy Gang a candle that is deliciously scented and unique!


Full Info

Safety first! Please keep away from flammable objects, children and pets. Do not leave unattended!

Wick Maintenance: Please keep candle wick trimmed to ¼ an inch.

Candle wicks are 100% natural cotton, low smoke and contain no lead, zinc or other metals.

Candle Maintenance: Please burn your candle for at least two hours the first time you use it to ensure that you melt the top layer of wax completely. This will help prevent candle from forming a memory well, which will cause the candle to follow this same uneven burn pattern for the life of the candle.

Candle Burn time: 7-9 hrs per ounce. So your 16oz candle will burn for 112-144 hrs on average.

Why soy wax candles are awesome: Soy wax has the benefit of a cleaner burning within your home. Soy wax is more hypoallergenic for sensitive people and has no toxins, pollutants and carcinogens. It is also less likely to produce soot particles that would be irritating if breathed in.

Soy wax also prolongs the life of your candle when compared to paraffin wax. Expect to enjoy your candle for 30-50% longer than paraffin wax candles.



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