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As the R&B fusion Gypsy of Universal/Republic’s Young Money label, Shanell aka SNL is the label’s triple threat and can be considered their best kept secret. The singer/songwriter, dancer and actress made major headway in her career independently before signing with Young Money, catching the attention of Cash Money artist Lil Wayne as he was in the beginning stages of creating his own branch within the company.

As a professionally trained dancer, Shanell began her professional career journey as a tour/backup dancer and choreographer for a laundry list of top artists. Dancing on sets and concert stages by day and writing songs in-studio by night, Shanell quickly transformed from strictly a dance profession to a well-known songwriter. It wasn’t long after that she found herself writing for the top artists alongside heavy hitting producers, making a name for herself in the music industry as the “girl with the crazy pen game”.

Shanell’s writing style and performance skill was unique and caught the eye of several labels and producers that yet another transformation was developing. Songs that were so unique and risky for other artists were set aside and became the projects that would represent the sound of Shanell the artist. When deals came to the table, as flattering as they were, they didn’t seem like the right fit to facilitate all of the facets of her artistry. It was when Lil Wayne came forward after seeing Shanell in her artistic element that she was invited to complete the team of stars set to launch Young Money entertainment.

While the roster started taking off on mainstream radio, Shanell wore one of her many hats; choreographing and artistically directing Young Money’s performances, videos and tours from 2008-2013. After writing a majority of Lil
Wayne’s “Rebirth” album and collaborating with her label mates on the “We Are Young Money” album Shanell gave Young Money fans a dose of her sound with her whimsical first single “My Button“ and multiple eclectic solo projects.

In her solo ventures, Shanell was inspired to create empowering movements to unapologetically express her own views as well as the views and emotions that women may feel but be unable to express. A do it herself artist from the beginning, Shanell created her own opportunities and is developing her movements into outreach projects to help develop young people’s professional ambitions and personal discoveries of self-love and empowerment.

With ample creativity, an energetic live show, proven pen skills and an ever-growing base of fans across genres, Shanell is quickly making a game-changing name for herself as a refreshing new mark in music today.